Before I write about Video Invitations and Video greetings and the new way of inviting or greeting your loved ones, did you ever wonder about evolution of invitations?  Invitations were used by only for social events by the aristocracy (Kings, Queens, Ladies, Lords, Dukes and Duchesses) in England and France beginning in or around the 18th century.

They were all hand written and calligraphy was the elegant way of showing that they were well educated. This is how each invitation was written.  Once written, each invitation was placed in a handmade envelope which would include the invitee’s names and they used to seal with a hot wax. With no postal service in place, these invitations had to be hand delivered.

This was the task of one of the servants, on horseback, under all weather conditions. Even though printing press was in use from 13th century, Europe started printing invitations in 20th century. In fact, United States started printing commercial invitations after Second World War.

WWW (World Wide Web) brought in a big change in various sectors. Online invitation websites started services where you can create online invitations or greetings.

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We went a step ahead and made a sincere attempt to provide an easy, online solution where you can make your own video invitation or video greeting online using Inwiter.   Like in 18th Century, still you can come up with your own invitation or video greeting, write your own words on your own images, videos and we will make a one of kind video invitation or a greeting and send it to your family and friends.

Mother’s day is only weeks away and here is all you need to create a lovely greeting for your Mom. Collect couple of images and/or videos of your Mom, you and your family.  Try to use the ones which your Mom loves to see or watch.  Log in to Inwiter, enter the date and time you want to send the greeting, upload images, video files you have collected.  Add some nice, caring captions and add a soothing music track. If you are living too far from your Mom, record a live invitation online and use it as a greeting.

It is easy and very effective way to greet your Mom using your own voice, images and video files.  Make your Mom laugh and show your true feelings using our Video greetings. Have fun.