Whenever a baby is born to a family, it is considered to be a pretty auspicious occasion. Being the latest member of the family, the child must be given a name after which he would be known to the world. In many religions and in many countries, there is a ceremony called the name giving Ceremony where the child is given a name and his or her name is then registered with the government.

name giving ceremony
  • Christians do not have any specific name giving ceremony. Most of the Christians combine the Christening of the baby with the name giving ceremony.
  • Japanese name giving ceremony is usually performed after 7 days of the birth of a child. The baby is giving a first and last name with no middle name and the name is usually written in Chinese so that it can have multiple pronunciations.
  • For the Hindus, the name giving ceremony is usually done after a Havan on the 12th day after the baby’s birth. The baby’s name usually begins with the letter as decided by the Pandit based on the time and place of birth of the baby. The baby’s name is whispered into his ear, written on the Janam Patra and is then announced to the world.
  • The Jews perform different rituals. For girls, they perform the Zeved Habat Ceremony and for boys, the Berit Milah Ceremony is performed.
  • In Europe and America, the culture is to name the baby after the parent or the grand Parent’s name.
naming ceremony invitation video

In all the religions and countries guests are invited to offer their blessings to the kid. After the ceremony, few short programmers are conducted for the entertainment of the guests. The family members may also give a short speech and sing songs and hymns for the long and brave life of the kid. After the respective ceremonies, a lavish lunch and dinner await the guests.

So to invite the guests one would need a lot of planning. One has to count the number of heads, prepare food, prepare invitation cards, etc.

Some of the ways in which the guests are invited are:

1. Invitation cards:

This is the old traditional way of decorating cards and writing quotes and invitation paragraph for the guest. It is meant for the guests and his family.

2. Emails:

This is the cheapest or a freeway invitation. The host can write on a previously made template that is available on the internet. After composing the letter, the host shall send it to the guests via email.

3. Another way of invitation is through video invitations which have become the latest trend. Inviter.com is a well know website who makes video invitations at a 1/3rd cost of the market. You just have to email them some of the pictures and they would make video invitations for specific guests along with music embedded in it. Then they would manually send the invitation to the guest.