When you bring a life to this world, it changes your life around. One of the most important parts is when they born and next one when they get a name. Baby’s name-giving ceremony is a huge deal and it needs to be celebrated accordingly. After all, it’s a grand welcome to the newest member of the family. So here is the list of how can you make your baby’s name giving ceremony even more fun?

name giving ceremony
Naming Ceremony

Have a big party and invite all your family members and friends, play games and celebrate this joyful moment as you want it to the last forever and remember it always.

You can select a theme on name-giving ceremony, you can decide the theme on the baby’s name, like, if the name is Robin, then you can have a robin hood theme party, so when you invite your friends and family, you are giving them a hint of the name.

You can dress up your baby in style. We all have remembered our childhood pictures and one thing we want to change is the dress. We can dress up the baby by the gender or by the theme party. It can be princes dress or superhero baby costume for the little super hero to make it unforgettable for rest of our life.

Cool video invitation idea for baby naming ceremony:

You can send a fun invites to make thing cooler. You can send a video invitations for your baby’s name giving ceremony to your friends and family. It would look so cute when they open the invitation and see your babies adorable face and could handle the cuteness. You can add an animation of baby animals and baby music and send it to everyone. It would be something new and fresh and memorable.

Naming ceremony Video Invitation

Set up a party with lots of food and invite your friends and their children. You can set up games to play and your friends can have amazing refreshments like cakes and other to eat.

Set up a fun and enjoying the party. You can invite magician or set up a bouncy castle outside so that everyone would have fun.

You can have little speech at your baby’s name giving ceremony. Father or mother can explain why they name their babies with the name and how it would be relevant to their personality. Everyone can have a little speech time when they welcome the baby to the family.

Name giving ceremonies are important as you are introducing your babies to your family and friend for the first time. Choose any of the above tips and have fun at the party.