With the strike of the clock its 12 am now and she is eagerly waiting that the door will open right now and there will be a shower of kisses, hugs, blessings and much more. Most of all she was excited to know what her loving younger sister staying abroad has in store for her.


The door slammed open suddenly and she gets introduced to world full of joy and creativity like she had never expected. What did she see that made her feel out of the world? On her very special 21st birthday she received creatively embellished gift boxes, a personalized cake with lots of decorations and icings and last but not the least a big greeting card adorned with a lovely photo collage and a lots of DIY stuffs which show how much effort her dear ones has put in to make her birthday super special.

And the cherry on the cake was the sweet and naughty birthday video greeting sent by her little sister on the Inviter video portal. She was feeling out of the world as her birthday had never been better than this and neither it could be. Thanks to the latest digital trends and creative ideas that are inspiring people to Do It on their own instead of going for ready-made gifts.

Be it a wedding, a birthday or a party, you no more need to rely on ready-made gifts to offer your special ones. The gift for someone on their special day should be equally special and the modern trends of personalized decorations and DIY gift ideas for wedding party or birthday party gives one the inspiration to unleash his or her creative self and design something that will make the receiver spell-bound in ecstasy. Decorating event venue creatively with flowers, spray paints and other embellishments, home-made wedding cakes with a lot of cute accessories and personalized decorations or unique hand-made gifts for birthday parties crafted out of simple and readily available stuffs are some of the modern ideas that you must try to make the gift super-special.

Video greetings – Inspiring people to think creative

If you want to go out of the box and really want to come up with something very unique, you can do that with the modern concept of DIY video greetings using Inviter video portal. In this age of technology, the Inviter video greetings have brought a sea-change in the old method of sending greetings. You can design it creatively using images, collages, themes and music, can open up your heart and tell your special friend or relative how much you are missing them and send your best wishes in the form of a sweet and personalized video. You can share with them past memories, send the songs and can recreate special moments of your togetherness in your own creative way through Inviter video greeting.

The main attraction or say the ‘soul’ of your wedding are the guests whose heart-full of greetings can make your special day even more special and increase your happiness manifolds. You can now send them unique and customized digital video invitations through Inviter portal to make realize how special they are for you and how much you are longing for their presence. This latest trend of invitation will bring out your hidden creative genius and you can design it as you like using the various options and tools provided in the portal of Inviter. Also to grow their interest you can take them on a virtual tour of the event venue right in your video invitation. Isn’t it a great way to design your invitation and make your guests gaze in wonder?

So, this season try these amazing DIY digital trends and see your potential to create something out-of-the-box without investing much, which will leave a long-lasting impact on the receivers and make all praise your unmatched creativity!