Weddings can be an overwhelming event for any couple. At one end, you imagine your future together, and at the other end, there is so much work to be done for the wedding that you cannot even think anything beyond that.


In moments like this, you need to sit down and process your thoughts one by one. A wedding checklist is essential for every couple because it makes them feel more controlled, organized, and most importantly, it can help avoid fiascos close to the wedding.

To help you out, we have carefully curated and put together the ultimate wedding checklist:

12 months before the wedding

This is the time when you need to put your goals and ideas for the wedding.

  • Put down your final idea.
  • Have a fixed budget.
  • Pick out the date and the venue.
  • Start putting together a guest list, and decide a ballpark figure.
  • Decide who will be a part of the wedding party.
  • Book a wedding planner, and other vendors like photographer, and caterer.

10 months before the wedding

With 10 months remaining, you should be making all the necessary bookings that would be too late after this point.

  • Decide on the entertainment part.
  • Pick out a wedding gown.
  • Pick out centerpieces and other floral decors.
  • If the venue does not already provide furniture, contact a rental company for it.
  • Register for your wedding gifts.
  • Book hotel for out-of-town guests.

6 months before the wedding

As the date gets close, things might get stressful, so it’s better to get all the important stuff done earlier.

  • Finalize and send out save-the-date cards.
  • Decide on a venue for rehearsal dinner.
  • Choose bridesmaid dresses.
  • Create your wedding website.

3 months before the wedding

With just three months left, you need to be booking anything that’s left to be done, and straighten out any issues with the vendors.

  • Taste and book a wedding cake.
  • Decide on wedding invitations. Hire a calligrapher, if you wish to personalize paper invitations.
  • Shop for the groom and groomsmen attire.
  • Shop for wedding rings.

2 months before the wedding

While the last 30 days before the wedding can be an utter chaos, this is your last chance to finalize everything, online wedding invitations, and get the final guest count.

  • Book a hair and makeup stylist. Make sure you do a trial run with them.
  • Email online wedding invitations with video or photo.
  • Buy wedding favours for the attendees.
  • Finalize the timeline of all the events on the final wedding day.

1 month before the wedding

The most important thing to do four weeks before the wedding is getting the marriage licence. Keep it at the top of your checklist, everything else can wait.

  • Apply for a marriage licence.
  • Get the bridal gown fitted out.
  • Make sure the bridesmaid and groomsmen have got their dresses fitted.
  • Get your pre-wedding photoshoot together.

2 weeks before the wedding

Any arrangements left to be done, should be taken care of at the two-week point and it should not be carried on till the last week.

  • Check the RSVPs, call up the guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet and change the seat plan accordingly.
  • Decide on music with the band or DJ.
  • Talk to your photographer about wedding portraits.
  • Both bride and groom should visit the salon one more time to get spruced up.

1 week before the wedding

With everything almost done, all you have to do is – make sure all the arrangements are just as you imagined.

  • Give the caterer the final head count.
  • Visit the wedding location.
  • Contact all vendors to finalize location.
  • Go for a final fitting.

And most importantly, do not forget to enjoy your wedding. You will only get this moment once in your life, so take it all in while it lasts.