The long wait is finally coming to an end as you shall soon be turning sixteen and consequently gain access to a whole new world of freedom. It surely is a big feeling to be able to take your own decisions up to an extent and be responsible for your actions. You and your squad is all super excited for the big day, as you all have been planning for months now as to how the whole celebrations must be like. Gone are the days where you’d rely on your folks for every little thing. Gone are the days when you could get away with absolutely any nonsense with the combination of a ‘pretty please’ and a ‘puppy face’. It is time to face more responsibilities with assertiveness, as you get to decide your subjects at school, your career path and make many other major decisions.

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Roles and Responsibilities

It isn’t all serious, but actually a lot of fun to be growing older as you hop on to this massive emotional rollercoaster. That helps you explore so many aspects of your life and makes you feel so many new things that you didn’t acknowledge to exist. Times like these, when change is the new constant, your close friends and family play a crucial role in shaping your overall personality. You know you can rely on them for almost anything and that they will always be there to show their substantial support. This is also the right time to consider broadening your learning horizons, and build a strong and healthy social network that helps you thrive. Thus, to begin taking up new responsibilities and ensuring that you build a good network, you can always start by planning your own sweet sixteen.

Being tech-savvy create online invitations

Your close friends and family can always help you with all the shopping and other arrangements . But you don’t necessarily have to get everything done manually. Especially when you can use the cyberspace to help you organize the party better. Inviter helps you come up with innovative new ideas to send out online invitations through various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, texts and etc. You can record a cool Boomerang or stage a funny Dubsmash or record some cool Vines that not only helps you convey the party details through your online invitations, but also makes it fun at the same time.

You can even stick to your party theme such as Oscars, and add some really jazzy photographs of you and your best friends on your invitation. Inviter has a whole range of innovative online invitations templates that never lets you run out of creative ideas and decks you up for an amazing sweet sixteen. With Inviter’s RSVP tracker, you can keep a close tab on the head count and avoid any last minute crisis and ensure that all your guests have a blast of a time at your birthday party.