You still remember the first time you moved into this new neighborhood and had absolutely no one to fall back on to, except for your immediate family. The transfer was a tough deal for you. As you had to not only leave behind the comforts of a known territory, but also say goodbye to your childhood best friend. You remember not liking this new school as much at first. For the crowd here seemed really different from back home, and you had a tough time getting absorbed in. Yet, today as you graduate from school three years later. You have two new best friends that you can always rely on, and a whole bunch of friends to celebrate your happiness with. It really is a wonder, how time passes so quickly and a major chapter of your life comes to an end.

Create a video invitation

All that nostalgia

As much as nostalgia has managed to take over you and your squad – amongst all the other emotions that your lot has been encountering lately. Change isn’t exactly something that we should get upset over, instead we deserve to celebrate it lavishly. There is a lot that life has stored ahead for you, and that really is something worth celebrating. Not only have you all done really well at school in general, you have managed to make a lot of memories that are worth celebrating big. Your family couldn’t been more proud of you for grabbing all those admits and happiness. Such as these require a lot of efforts to achieve. Thus, to help you organize your graduation party, Inviter is the best online portal that aid you with such creative ideas.

The perfect invitation

We, at Inviter, understand your need to go tech-savvy and save up on a lot of time and expenses of sending out the invitations. You can instead make use of your computer and create excellent videos with the help of iMovies. Next, all you have to do is, either find the right template that goes with your party theme or create something as per your own tastes. And then embed the videos on your invitations. You can make use of some of the all-time favorite tracks such as ‘See you again’ or ‘Wait for me to come home’ or even ‘Summer of 69’. And make use of iMovies to merge this with some amazing picture presentations of your whole group. This is bound to that really gets your guests all dewy-eyed as they watch your invitation play.

There are endless possibilities to make some really amazing videos using iMovies. And then create the video invitation send them out through Inviter to all your friends and family and have them join in on the celebrations. You can keep a headcount with the help of the RSVP responses. Inviter tracks for you to help you prepare better. So that you and your lot have an excellent time at the party together.