Have you ever wondered if people who get wedding invitations by post actually recognize the sender? A lot of times it so happens that a postcard is sent to you and you just cannot place the person. A nameless, faceless card does not convey the personal touch that you want to get across to the receiver.


Video Invitations is the way to do it. You may wonder if it has been done before and yes, there was even major news telecast regarding a minister’s grand splurge on his daughter’s wedding which included sending mini tablets with a pre-recorded video invitation to the big day!

Video Invitations are quite simple to make with a creative little software called iMovie that is available for iOS and MacOS. The tool is easy to use and the end result is a stunning patchwork of your personal video clips and images. Using iMovie is quite simple and does not require one to know a lot of graphic or design jargon.

How to create iMovie Video Invitation:

The first step is to select your choice of photos and/or videos from your gallery or personal collection that you think will best fit with the invitation that you are trying to create. The brilliance of this tool lies in the fact that it seamlessly integrates photos and videos together with beautiful transitions and music.

Once you are done with the selection of media, you can start the aesthetic editing of the clip. iMovie gives you a range of filters and effects to choose from for your video. There is a selection of background music and sound effects that you can add to the video for special effects. iMovie also provides you wireless integration across devices with AirDrop and iCloud Drive, two functions that are a great way to sync your content and carry it anywhere.

Moreover, iMovie offers you advanced video effects such as split screens and green screen transitions that let you change the settings and backdrops for your media as per your choosing.

So, now that you are done with your iMovie Video Invitation, you are now ready for the next step: Sending via Inviter.

Now, Inviter is one of the most easy-to-use platforms for Video Invitations and Greetings. All you need to do is upload the video you created with iMovie and select your desired theme. You can further personalize the invitation background and the written message. What’s more, you can even schedule your invitation to be sent automatically at a later date.

Once the invitations have been sent, you can monitor engagements and RSVPs with a click of a few buttons on our intuitive dashboard. The dashboard is customizable and records past event invites and any edits made to them. Invitations sent via Inviter are automatically optimized for mobile devices and are presented in an easy-to-share format that can be published on social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. We also take care to send out reminders via notes and calls to the recipients. Inviter provides maximum outreach in a cost effective manner which is easy-to-use, easy-to-view, and easy-to-share.