Invitations? Why don’t you Whatsapp them!

As you are reading this, you must be probably scrolling down your WhatsApp contacts too. We have arrived at a point where ‘I am just a call away’ has replaced ‘I am just a ping away’ & why not after all it is convenient to anything!

Whatsapp Invitations

Contemporarily WhatsApp invitations is that one handy application which can be used in a plethora of way to communicate the message. But, have you ever thought of sending invites using your very own WhatsApp? Well, think about it! Isn’t that comfortable, approachable and absolutely convenient?

Yet, we would like to tell you what makes your Whatsapp an ideal platform that facilitates invitations to a large number of people with mere clicks.

  • Saves a lot of time –

Time is money and we all know it! Sending out invitations on Whatsapp saves your time like nothing else. You probably simply need to create a broadcast group and shoot the free invitation. This shall land in their personal chat boxes! Voila! How less time did it consume.


Yes! Whatsapp is certainly the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way of sending out the invites to your guests. It wouldn’t cost you a penny at all. You just need to create an invite and send it to your guests. When it can save the cost what else do you want? Send Whatsapp free invitations in one go.

  • Receiving the reverts –

RSVP’s are a lot easier to get when you send the invitations via WhatsApp. Whether your guest is coming or not they can easily revert and contribute in saving your time and cost both. When it comes to other modes such as emails, one cannot be sure always about the RSVP’s but, that is not going to be with WhatsApp.

  • Images, video what not?

Whatsapp has surely evolved over the time. It has facilitated a number voice messages, texts, graphics almost everything! You can make your invitation as attractive as you can and send it to your guests as Whatsapp free invitations.

  • Personalized invitations

Since WhatsApp is inexpensive and saves your time it gives you the liberty to make personalized messages. So, you can prepare one creative  for your friends, one for your family or colleagues and so on. This is certainly one of the best ways to make your invitations look extremely relatable.

Even though one can use a number of modes to send the invitations to the respective guests yet, we believe WhatsApp serves the purpose in the best way for sure. You can definitely think of some really good creative ideas to make your invitations awesome sauce.