Online wedding invitations – Why should you prefer? Here is why. Finding the perfect card for your wedding is never been that easy. To keep up with the current technology and considering the time and costing for the invites to guests, it might take a week or two to get it selected and finalized and another week for printing and delivery and another to get them delivered to your guests. After all these, its not so easy to keep track of your guests who are attending your wedding.


With technology advancement and social apps at a click, we bring you the innovative technology to personalize your wedding invitations right from your PC. It takes 15 min to creates and another 5 minutes to send the invites out. No hardware or software installation required. All you have to do is signup and start creating your personalized wedding invitations online.

Things to keep ready:

  1. A video – Either recorded video message/custom made for wedding.
  2. Guest list – Email, First names & Last names.

A video can either be a recorded video message inviting your guests to your big day or you can hire a freelance video maker to do a video for you. Once done, all you gotta do is to login into your inviter account and create an invitation.

How to Create Personalized Invitation:

The steps are pretty easy. It gives you the option to choose based on your requirement and fill in all the mandatory marked fields and move on to next steps as instructed. If at all needed any help, you can ping us on our support chat where our specialists will help you with your queries.

Personalized Invite

Once your invites is ready, you can send a test email to yourself. Now, after all those required changes, your invite is ready. Now upload your guest list to your account and send your invitation to your guests. Its as easy as ordering as a Starbucks cappuccino.

Now, sit back and relax for the invites to be opened by the guests. You can keep track of the invites open status, RSVP responses from your inviter account dashboard itself. Features like unlimited resend and reminders will let you remind your guests who didn’t RSVP.

Closer to your event date, with a single click you can download your guest list and start your venue & food arrangements. For beginners, inviter allows a freemium plan where you can signup and test the invites for free.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the below comments sections.