Annaprasana is an event widely celebrated in India and several Asian countries. Culturally, annaprasana ceremony holds utmost importance. When a baby turns about 6 months, this ceremony is held embarking the beginning of his/her first intake of solid food.


As a parent, every move of your child is vital. No doubts, each occasion that is held around your kid holds an extremely special importance. When the event is such an extraordinary expression of love, don’t you think so should be the celebration?

Here are some super simple ideas to make your annaprasana occasion even more fun for your guests.

1. Photo booths:

Photo booths are fun! Who doesn’t love them? Use some funny props to add even more fun to the photos. Keep hats, goggles, moustaches and quirky boards or your guests. Believe me, your guests are going to love it.

2. Video invitations:

Digital invite are on trend, why don’t you use them and make Annaprasana invites? If you think it is full of hassle, then probably you are wrong. Visit our website and choose the template you loved the most. Once that is done, our representative shall connect with you. In case pictures and some videos are required, we would inform you. Voila! You just got to give us 2 days and we are done.

3. Items that kids love:

In case you are going to invite a lot of kids to the function, it is best to keep their taste buds in mind and fix the menu. Perhaps you can go for a set that is children friendly.

4. Decoration:

Floral decorations are widely preferred. They are gorgeous. You can keep the decoration as simply as you want but keeping it floral shall surely work. Flowers add to the aesthetic appeal of your entire decoration.

What is best to avoid?

Now that we have told you about the must-have(s), here is the list that you should be avoiding.

Overloading too much of food:

It might be tempting to keep multiple cuisines and dishes, but that shall only add up to unnecessary hassle. Instead, you can pick on simpler food and fewer options.

Too many guests:

There are times when we invite too many people out of love only to realize that the size of your venue is too small to fit in that any number of people. So, make sure that you maintain the proportion.

Sending out traditional invitation:

Why waste papers when you can go digital? Choose video invitations over the traditional ones. They are interesting and eco-friendly at the same time. O ahead with video invites always.

So, now you must have been pretty much convinced about the way you should celebrate annaprasana. In case, we have missed out on any point, then shoot in the comment below.