Welcoming a child in life is indeed a blissful experience. There are many ceremonies that take place in the family for the wellbeing of the baby and his/her mother. One such ceremony is named as Annaprasana. Annaprasana is widely celebrated in India and several other countries in Asia.

Annaprasana ceremony

Annaprasana is a ceremony that is held six months after the baby is born. This ceremony includes feeding the baby with solid food mostly rice. It marks the beginning of a child’s solid diet. However, it should be held before the child marks his/her first birthday.

Annaprasana video invitation

Since Annaprasana is an auspicious event for parents we thought preparing a video invite shall be quite interesting and memorable. In case you are wondering why you should opt for video invites, well then here are the reasons.

Why should you prefer Video Invitations for Annaprasana:

1. Interesting:

Video invites are interesting without a doubt. Cute pictures of your toddler in the video would make every guest go ‘awww’ in adoration. Sending a video invite makes the event look interesting. Your guests shall be more than happy to attend the event.

2. Personalized:

This goes without saying that video invites are not just interesting but personalized too. You need not post some random pictures and texts in the video. It can be made personalized using your family’s as well as your baby’s pictures.

3. Hassle-free:

Another important point here is that if you think, making a video invite is nothing more than a headache well! Think again. We have made the process absolutely hassle-free for you. It is as easy as writing ABC. You just have to pick up the picture and you would be done with your own personalized video invite in just two days.

4. Memory in making:

Your child’s annaprasana is a special memory for you. After all, it isn’t his/her birthday that you would celebrate everywhere. Annaprasana is celebrated only once in a lifetime. So, why not go a little extra ahead & make a memory out of everything?

Now that you are convinced of the importance of a video invite. We shall explain how you can get it done in just two days. As we said, it is hassle-free and consumes no time of yours at all. Just follow these steps and you would be done.

Browse through our website and select the template for your video invite. We have ample of templates for various occasions, all you got to do is pick the ones that you like.

Your next step is easy. Once you choose your template, our representative shall get back to you with the requirements of pictures and videos.

Step three is to sit back and relax. While we prepare the video, you get time to make other preparations for Annaprasana. It will take us just two business days to complete the entire video.

Does this sound exciting to you? Well, then don’t wait. Refer us to your friends or family too. Spread the word and making memories count.