The arrival of October means winter and festivity in the air. Festivals start approaching from this auspicious month. So, one of the festivals is Thanksgiving day. It is recognized by the national holiday celebrated in the United States, Canada, some of the Caribbean islands and Liberia. This day is usually known for turkey, family unions, and lots of enjoyment.


So, gather your loved ones around the dinner table by sending visually appealing invitation cards to them. In this article, we will throw light on few types of “thanksgiving” invitation cards. Some of them are given below in a detailed manner:

1. Thanksgiving invitation cards:

This is the most traditional way of sending the invitations. There are different types of Thanksgiving invitations that are available in the market. A potential seeker can choose the invitation card as per his will and budget.

2. GIFs:

In this age of modernization and advanced technology, we tend to use these boons for invitation cards. Yes, if a seeker searches it on search engine result pages there will be various GIFs of that can be easily taken in use for Thanksgiving invitations. And you can easily send these GIFs via Whatsapp, Facebook, and other messengers on social media platform.

3. Picture invitations:

A seeker can easily download the picture of Thanksgiving invitation from Google. After downloading it, he can post the picture either on Facebook or Instagram and then tag those people who he wants to invite. This is one of the easiest ways of inviting your loved ones after all social media can do wonders.

4. Ecards:

Ecards are the best alternative to traditional greeting cards. There are many websites that strive to serve their customers with an extensive array of ecards. So, you can choose the most favorite “Thanksgiving” invitation and send it to your guests on their e-mail ids. And if you do not want to choose the ecard template, then you can get it designed by some professional graphic designer without any hassle. It can be easily sent to multiple recipients at once.

5. Video messages or Video Invitations:

Videos of Thanksgiving invitations are the really enticing way to invite your guests. Because, you can post a video on social media account. And also invite your guests either by mentioning them or tagging them on that. There are different mobile applications that will be helpful for you while creating that video.

So, go paperless by the invitations that are explained above. And the digitalization has really made our lives easier. So, use this boon in the niche of festivals as well and invite your friends for Thanksgiving. Finally, it is all about sharing the good laugh, spreading happiness and praying for better future.