Free Bat Mitzvah video invitations? Convincing your modern age little girl for her Bat Mitzvah is the most difficult task for you as parents. Being Jewish, this ceremony holds a great importance in her life. But from her perspective, it does not add any huge value to her lifestyle.


Though you try hard to explain that her cousins went through the same phase erstwhile, she tries hard to convince you people to agree with her. Among this war of words, the date of the Bat Mitzvah comes near and you have hardly done any preparations.

Organizing the venue, the food and beverages, inviting guests of honour, family and friends are some of the prime events that need adequate planning. To simplify the search process and add a creative touch, designing personalized video invitation is a good option and with Inviter on board, everything becomes easy.

The video invite

Love grows manifolds when expressed. Many times, as parents you might have acted strict or must not have expressed your true love towards your daughter. But as she reaches her adulthood, as she steps into the most crucial years of her life, you can express your thanks to your daughter for defining a new meaning to their lives, for making things around you to look even more beautiful and also for inculcating virtues like patience, sharing, forgiving nature etc. in you.

You can make a nice personalized and custom video, upload it in the free Bat Mitzvah video invitation platform named Inviter and send it to your friends, family and also her friends. Inviter, being a free platform allows videos recorded from any device. In one button click, you will be able to send invites to all the expected list of guests.

The benefits…

Using Inviter is highly time-efficient as it reduces the round trip time needed to personally invite people. Also with Inviter, one can collect guest related statistics by placing a RSVP option to the invitation. Also, the analytics information gets regularly updated when a guest is cancelling the invitation request.

He can also send a personalized note to the family stating the reason for not being physically present on the chosen day. Thus, Inviter is one digital application that makes private functions like Bat Mitzvah, a successful one.

So, convince your girl to take the big day in her stride and carry the Torah to the altar and read out the sacred verses from the Holy Ark.