Birthday is a special day and a very good occasion to celebrate your time with your loved ones. This is the day when you can make your spouse, mum, dad or your loved one realize what they mean to you. Giving surprises can be really fun but that feeling of getting wished by the person through a video greeting when he/she is far can be a super pleasure.


Sending a cherry-merry video greeting to your loved one and surprising him/her as the clock ticks 12:00 am can be the best gift and it can take the feeling of that person to a new level.

With evolving technology, digital birthday messages have, indeed, beaten the paper cards. Believe us, there is nothing more adorable and beautiful gift than a video greeting which comprises of photos and memories with the birthday girl/boy. There are plenty of ways you can choose to build a mind blowing video greeting. There are videos that range from singing a birthday song to telling what you feel about the person. Irrespective of the way, you’ll choose, the bond between you two is likely to get stronger and better.

You might want to include a collage of pictures and reminding the time you guys had spent together or a motivational quote can do wonders. A 2-3 minute video greeting lets the birthday person enjoy his life and feel so much special. Not only we commoners but stars are using video greetings to wish their loved ones and set a style.

Kardashians are known for the love they have in their families. A heartfelt video greeting was sent by Khloe Kardashian to her 20-year old model sister on her birthday. The video was shared by Khloe on Instagram which showed the two sisters running into each other’s arms and had a beautiful message that ‘You Inspire Me!’ The video greeting was loved by people and was a matter of praise among audience.

What all options you can try for developing an engaging video greeting? Do not get confused as we have plenty of options.

  • Collecting all the pictures you guys have clicked on different occasions and making a collage.
  • A motivational quote or song can be a wonderful idea.
  • Share your feelings or simply use online greetings.

Anyway, it’s going to leave an ever-lasting impression on the person and tends to make special days, super special. The best part about sending video greeting is the hassle-free process. Develop a video in 2 minutes and it is ready-steady-go to be sent. Share the video greeting via email or social media and let the person feel the special place he owns in your heart.

All the best!