India being a religious and cultural country is full of religious activities and ceremonies. These ceremonies start with the birth of a child and it goes on. The ceremonies are considered pretty auspicious and are celebrated with a lot of pride. A half saree tradition is basically a south Indian ceremony where girls between the of puberty and marriage wear Langa voni or two pieces or half saree. It is basically a skirt that is tied around the waist with a string and 2.5m cloth in length. The modern lehenga choli is inspired by the half saree.

half saree ceremony

In south India, the half saree ceremony is celebrated when the girl reaches her puberty or adulthood. She wears the Langa voni given by her maternal parent in the first half of the ceremony and then the saree given by her paternal parents in the second half of the puja. The half saree ceremony celebrates her transition into her womanhood.

So on this auspicious occasion, you would want your family members and your friends to come, attend the ceremony, bless the girl child for a prosperous life. In this article, you would be assisted on how to host a half saree ceremony.

How to host a half saree ceremony?

  • First of all plan your budget. Make the proper lists of guests, the food and the house that you will rent.
  • Find a proper location or a proper house for the ceremony. The house should be having a lawn where you can set up the chairs for the guests to sit and watch the ceremony.
  • Appoint a well-versed pandit who knows the mantras well and can perform the ritual successfully.
  • Decorate the pandal with flowers and other decorating items. Make sure that the pandel has a proper place for the holy fire to lite up.
  • Make sure that the house and the lawn where the ceremony is going to take place has proper fire safety gadgets. Take permission from the fire security board before organising the ceremony.
  • Remember to select the food carefully. You may keep mocktails and other finger foods. Remember to have both veg and non-veg food as you will be having people from different parts. Keep the food simple and less Spicy.
  • Have a sweet thank you gift ready. Since this is a child ceremony, you may gift small wrapped chocolates or scented candles for the guests.
  • The last and the most important thing is the invitation. You may keep it simple or if you want to make the ceremony attractive you may visit The company takes pictures and videos from you, create a small video invitation with music and the pictures and then send it to your guests via email, whatsapp and your social channels.