Weddings often dig a deep hole in the pocket especially if you are opting for a destination wedding or inviting humongous amount of guests! Wedding costs involve arrangements, food, gifts, clothes and the list would just refuse to end. But, there are several areas where in you can reduce your cost quite easily. Want to unlock those areas with us?



One of the best ways to cut down on your cost is to get married in an off-season. As winter and summer weddings are preferred by many, planning your wedding at this peak time can surely cost you a fortune. However,  if you opt for an off-season wedding undoubtedly the rent of lawn/hall comes to half. Along with this, even the charge for caterings goes down letting you save a lot on your part.


A lot of people these days are preferring to rent the dress instead of buying one for the wedding. There are no. of portals available online that rent out wedding dresses at lower rates and allow you to keep them with you for 3-4 days. By taking the dress on rent you are actually saving thousands of rupees that you would end up spending on the heavy lehenga that you may not wear again.


Gone are the days when you would spend on invitation cards. Since the trend is new and so are we, online video invitations are the new thing. You can make it more personalized for your loved ones and yet keep things under your budget. These free online wedding video invitations also give you a flexibility of getting creative with your wedding invites.


Without music, obviously weddings are going to be incomplete. In case of cost cutting, opt for a DJ instead of an entire band. A DJ comes comparatively at low cost as compared to an entire band and in case you still prefer for a traditional touch, then you can always opt for local bands. The establish ones are sure to burn a hole in your entire wedding budget.


Being a simple principle, you can actually save a considerate amount by reducing wastage. Often in wedding invitations, if possible try to include a response option to get a total number of people turning up on your wedding day. This helps to plan food dishes and gifts accordingly preventing wastage and saving money. Same goes for decoration, spend only on those things which are actually being required or the ones that will be seen.

We hope our cost cutting tips shall certainly help in economizing on your budget without compromising on your fun. Although there are many, we are have brought in the best of five for the ones who are still struggling to manage their wedding budget. Do let us know what you think about these tips through your comments.