‘Sorry’ is that one letter word that can heal any pain. For instance, you have hurt your closest friend with some wrong word or deed, now you need to apologize to him/her to patch up and give your relationship a flow. And this time, you need a very special way to say ‘Sorry’ to bring back that smile on his/her face.


So today in this post we will tell you the most special ways to say ‘Sorry’ to your friend those you should really try out.

The Most special ways to apologize to your friend

Be instant

It’s better not to be too late to apologize. The longer to take the time to say it, the more conflict occurs in your relationship. So make it quick and instant to prevent any serious clash with your friend.

Avoid ego

Most people are too egoistic and think that their head would be bowed down if they apologize. So it is highly recommended to leave your ego on the road and apologize without having any hard feeling in your heart. Remember, the ego is one of the major disasters for a failed relationship.

Speak it from your heart

When you apologize, speak it from your heart. Send an apology video to your friend, in case you are too guilty to face him/her. You can send an online video via Inviter.com. Simply upload your apology video on the site and share it with your friend. Your friend would be happy to find the video.

Genuinely ask the reason

If you are not sure why your friend is hurt, then ask him/her the reason. Ask it from your heart to make him/her ensured that you really care about him/her. Show your feelings and convince him/her to tell you the reason.

Take up the responsibility

If the core reason for your friend’s disappointment is you, then take up the responsibility to patch up. Say that you are really sorry for whatever has happened and you really mean it. Also tell that you’d never take the chance to make the same thing happen again and you need your friend for life. Such kinds of words typically work in such situations.

Try to understand him/her

Being sad or angry is a very sensitive emotion. So try to understand the hard feelings that your friend is going through. Learn how he/she is feeling and how it has hurt your friend. Being a good friend, you also know the nature of your friend, so you need to tackle with his/her emotions accordingly.

So we hope that now you’d be able to cheer up your friend with the right words and actions. Friendship is a beautiful relation that keeps you away from all the pains and sadness of life. So make sure you avoid hurting such a relationship and keep your friend jolly and contented. Despite the ups and downs are a part of a relationship, you should try your best to maintain and nourish it to avoid the serious problems and keep it glowing.