So ultimately when you are going to tie the knot next week, it’s your final time to celebrate life with your closest friends. Arranging a bachelor party might sound a bit complex, but to kill the worries before the wedding and to take a chill pill, you need to rock a night only with your friends and party hard.


So we have prepared a short and to-be-followed checklist for your bachelor party that you’ll require before your wedding. So just relax and check them out. But remember, all the arrangements of a bachelor party should be arranged by the Best Man and not the groom. The groom should be fully ignorant about the preparations and hence, should be kept discreet.

Best Tips for a Bachelor Party

Choose the location

Decide a location where you can hang out with your best friends for the party. Normally it should be a closed space like lounges, clubs, or maybe your basement. Since a bachelor party would be a secret hang out which also remains discreet from your fiancée, you should organize it in a closed and secret space.

Make a buddy list

Create a list of your favorite buddies who you want to be present in the party. Don’t make the list too long and invite only friends with whom you can open up with. Make sure you include each and everyone on the list to recheck it every twice or thrice.

Shootout invitations

After confirming the guest list, now it’s time to shoot out the invitations. Try out the bachelor party video invitation from Simply record a video with the invitation and upload it to Once your invitation is created, you can easily share it with your guest list. You can also personally email the invitation to them or share it with a group at a time. And yes, all these at free of cost.

Arrange some alcohol and wines

This is the heart of the party. A bachelor party is incomplete without the hard drinks as all men want to enjoy this night to the fullest. So arrange some raw drinks and wines from the market to make the other chill out in the party.

Arrange some games

You can arrange some interesting games related to gambling or casino. Men usually like all these stuff so this will bring some fun to the party.

Play some music

Don’t forget to make others dance. Arrange a good DJ or some music to rock the party floor. Let everyone dances like no one is watching them. Have lots of fun and music variations.

Since a bachelor party is kept secret, there should be no open discussions about it before or after the celebration. Make sure that no one listens to your plans so it’s the responsibility of the Best Man to arrange each and everything and get the groom back to his place after the party is over. We know it’s quite a tough job for the Best Man but being the groom’s best friend, it’s your responsibility to make up his final day pre-wedding.