Has your little one started to show signs of stubble in the face and the slight deepening of voice? While he is all excited about being a man he will forever be your little boy! To celebrate his adolescence boys are gifted a 6 feet long and 3 and a half feet wide White cloth called a dhoti. In the early days, this was quite a common ceremony.

dhoti ceremony

However, now it is more celebrated by NRIs making sure they are close to the roots even when they are far away from it. All loved ones come together to bless the boy and the eldest member of the family had him the dhoti. But with all the other preparations of the ceremony how will you manage together all the people? Your invitation must be informative as well as warmly welcoming – this can be a daunting task as inviting everyone personally is very time taking. Worry not – online dhoti ceremony video invitations websites do the deal for you. With unlimited features these video invitations bringing your dear ones under the roof to shower blessings on your boy.

It takes you just 4 easy and simple steps when you are using inviter.com:

  • Create an account on and video invitation website and choose the occasion as a dhoti ceremony.
  • Fill in all your details correctly making sure you don’t miss out on anything and choose from a wide range of packages something that fits your budget.
  • Upload your own videos and images that you wish to include.
  • Once the payment is done your video is sent to you for approval and once approved it is ready to share with your loved ones.

Customization of your video invitation:

1. Choose videos images songs :

Use your own songs videos and images that fit the theme are you can choose from a variety of available options.

2. Add a picture of the guest of honor:

Add a picture on a video clip of the eldest member of the family that will give away the dhoti making sure he gets all the love and respect he deserves.

3. Guest name on the covers:

All your guests should feel equally important with their personal cards that has the names on it. this also shows your genuinity and sincerity towards them.

4. Mention details of the event:

Add a map, a calendar, food menu- mentioning the location, the date, and the tasty dishes. Also, add personal messages that invite them warmly. There are also options for the guests to react and conform to these invitations.

Which 24 into 7 customer service you can contact the website for any doubts that you may have. After you pay for your desired package the first draft is sent to you for verification – when you show thumbs up your video is finalized within the time period you mentioned and ready to share via WhatsApp Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. Thanks to online dhoti ceremony video invitations, your boy’s special day are shared with all your loved ones. After all, happiness only increases in sharing!