Share video invites via social media
Sharing Video Invites

Invitations are seeing a drastic change, From printing an invitation to making a digital invitation video and inviting guests physically to sending invitations through online platforms.

Digital invitations are the trend all over the world. They can be created in minutes and shared via social platforms to your near & dear. E-invitations helps you in saving time and they are cheaper than printable invitations.

Yes, you can share your invitations through social platforms. There will be always some limits in social media for personal life on what to share and what not to?. So, here are the tips for you from Inviter on how and various ways to share your invitation video on social platforms.

How to share your Invitation Videos in Social Media?

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Whatever the type of invitation you have, you can send it on every social media platform. All you have to do is choosing the right platform for you. Here you go, the tips on how to share your invitation video and various ways to share invitation videos on online platforms.

WhatsApp – The best way to share your invitation video to your friends & family. Make a list of your friends and family you want to invite. Create a broadcast and send your invitation video once to all contacts and you can also give a personal touch to it by writing a personal note accompanying your invitation.

Email – It is the best way to send formal invitations to your colleagues and seniors. Compose an email with your personal note and attach invitation video and mail it to your colleagues and seniors.

Facebook and other social platforms – It is a great option to find your old friends and invite them to your special day. You can send a direct message to your friends with your invitation video. You can also post it on your wall but it may not be a good choice because not everyone in your friend’s list or followers is close to you.

Don’t do these While You Share on Social Media

  • Never ever post your invitation video publicly on social media.
  • Ask your friends not to share your invitation with anyone
  • Don’t give the over information than needed
  • Don’t use hashtags if you post your invitation video on your wall as it is completely your private occasion.
  • Be careful while you post on social media. Don’t reveal your personal information like address, phone number, etc.,
  • Customize your privacy settings before you post something on social media.
  • Invite only the persons you are familiar with. Don’t include the person’s in the group if you are not close to them.
  • Don’t tag the people because it will also appear on the wall of the person you tagged.

Follow the tips and invite your friends with no tension. Create a beautiful invitation video with your photos, event details, and add music to it. Send it to guests via Whatsapp, email, and other social platforms.

Start Creating Your Invitation Video