No doubt we are born entertainers. Some cook the best food, while others can get fabulous decor. Yet, the extravagance of a birthday party is often linked to the budget. Whether it is the big 50s or sweet 16, if you have a birthday next month and the budget is hindering your party, then here we are to help you out.


Kick-ass suggestions for the most enthralling birthday party under a fixed budget:

Don’t book a lavish venue

What a good party needs? Great people, scrumptious food, and limitless fun. It is never about the place. Before making the preparation, keep this in mind. Your home, garden, and even the deck can be enough for throwing a brilliant birthday party. For a bigger crowd, it can be an outdoor location with a little cover-up.

Get a theme

Give a classy touch to the party by opting for a theme. All you have to do is pick some props to match the theme; the rest will be done by the guests with their theme attire. The theme should be selected according to the age group of the birthday person. For kids, it should be fun, whereas, for elders, a masquerade will work.

Smart Food

Why not try a recipe exchange party? That sounds fun! It is going to be sort of a potluck dinner party with an exciting twist. Keep it concentrated to the salads and desserts only, the rest should be a surprise from your side. This way, you can get great food in a large quantity. As for the alcohol, keep it in a limited quantity with some cheap and smart picks.


Bring in the fun element

Add in games and activities at the party to let the guests enjoy. The key to the success of a party is your focus on the guests. Target the age group and arrange the fun, they truly aspire. It can be a dare game or the classical musical chair with a bit of twists like punishment or reward.


Ditch years old Invitation methods

Ohh, you really don’t need those conventional paper invitations, there is neither a need for sending it via mail. Go for the new trends and tools that offer some out-of-box ways of delivering invitations. Photo invitation or video invitation, tools like Inviter for the most easiest and trendy way to invite the guests.

Budget is always a factor while deciding the success of the party, but don’t let it ruin your day. With just a little diligence, you can be the superstar of the day. No doubt, friends, and relatives will seek your advice afterward.