Do you remember the joy that you used to feel when getting the candid invite to the most lucrative function, the birthday party. The colorful cardstock and how it felt as it was handed down to you created such a rush.


That feeling of inclusion has always been an important emotion since you began to develop social skills. Knowing that you were invited to join at such a fun event surrounded by all of your friends created such an excited feeling. This Feeling has not drifted away. These birthday invites can create the same rush for old and young alike.

Video killed the cardstock star

The cardstock is still a staple of the birthday invite industry. While this can still get the job done, the overachievers may want a more complex route. The Video invite is the proof of the digital age! These invites can be simple spoken language to say what a card would or taken full advantage of in many ways. Children will love to see all the fun activities that they will take part in displayed right before their eyes. The special effects route can get anyone excited! Seeing the explosion at the end of the birthday invite surrounded by fireworks raining down really sets the tone for the annual shindig.

Exclusivity reigns supreme for building hype

As mentioned above a large amount of the excitement for these invites come from the inclusion for such an event. Getting the invite surrounded by hundreds of others getting the invite defeats the purpose. Knowing that you are one of the few that received such an invite makes you look and feel totally cool. If you are looking to throw a party such as this you should really consider only inviting the necessary crown to build hype and excitement for such a party.

Whimsical tendencies live in us all

Whether you remember this excitement or not, you can feel this way again. Recapturing that old flame does not come easy. The video format is the way to go for getting an adult back on board. What has always been an asset in such a proposal is using the people closest to someone. You may not ever consider going to the guy at your office that talks to the trees in the corner. When you receive these fancy invites from your loved ones or your best friend, the excitement rushes back. All of a sudden you cannot wait to spend a night drinking at the bar down the street with an old friend that you have now reconnected with all from this wonderful birthday video invite!

One of the few ways kids have never changed

As a child the smartphone has ruined an age of innocence. While it may come in the form of a text blast, the birthday invite creates such a level of joy! An inclusion with your friends for the party of the year is exciting, overwhelming and the most true and lively adventure.