This is a very special week for a very special profession! May 6-10th is Teacher Appreciation Week. We spend the majority of our lives in school. From K-12 and then on to college, teachers play a special role in our lives. They do more than just teach us academic subjects. They help shape who we are.

While I’m working on my doctorate, I look back on my academic career and can tell you exactly which teachers helped shape me. If you’re like me and really, truly appreciate your teacher–tell them! And you can do that with video greeting cards from Inwiter.

You can start with pictures. If you have a picture with you and this very special teacher, upload it to Inwiter. Maybe you worked really hard on a project and you have pictures from it. Take a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide you worked on and convert it to a jpg and use it in your video greeting card.

Once you have all your photos uploaded, add a message of appreciation, and even a song. Then email your teacher the video greeting card. It’s that easy to show you care.