Do you remember your graduation? Back when I graduated, we sent out paper invites to all my family and friends. Facebook events were around, but hardly anyone used it. None of my family members used it, that’s for sure. Even now, people don’t really respond to anything on Facebook like that.


This year’s graduates have another option: Video invitations from Inwiter. Instead of adding to landfills and wasting money, you can send a graduation party invite with Inwiter.

Want fun tips to make the video invitation spectacular?

  • Create a goofy video of yourself inviting family and friends and then upload it to Inwiter. Talk about the funny moments of your educational career, make funny faces, or tell a joke. You could take the serious route and talk about how hard you worked to get here and big milestones in your academic life. Maybe there was something one of your professors said that left so much of an impression, that it shaped you. Now would be the time to share it.
  • Upload memorable pictures of your academic life to Inwiter to create a custom video slide show.  Remember those moments your study group took a break to make funny faces and post them on Facebook? Those would be great here.  Or maybe it was the party of the year, your 21st birthday, etc.—use pictures you cherish from your time in school to create a slideshow to honor your experience.

Once you upload your video or pictures, fill out the event details, add a song to the invitation, add your guest list and send. It takes only a couple of minutes and you have a one of a kind video invitation that saves you money and the environment.