Thank You a phrase used to express gratitude is in use since 1792. Acknowledging other people and each other is our basic responsibility as human beings. In fact Thank You acknowledges the person who is receiving it and also the person who is offering it. A genuine appreciation, letting the people in your life know that the small things they do make a big difference helps to maintain good relationship. Thanking some one is an emotional act which connects each other and helps to build an Ionic bond between friends and family.

It became a tradition that after every event, we send thank you notes to the guests. With family and friends increasingly spread across the world, it is becoming very difficult to write and mail the thank you notes. Now a days as technology advanced, people are using e-mails, Facebook, twitter and even text messages to thank people. It lacks the personal touch that makes thank you notes so special, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

No card can beat a personal visit, a shake hand or a hug to show our gratitude. Unfortunately with the busy schedules, demanding lifestyles and geographical distance it is just not possible. Inwiter helps you to create a Video Thank you Note online, where you can record your Thank you message and send it to guests as a Thank you note. If you are sending Thank you Note after an event, you can upload the photos or a video and add the message you want to on photos and videos. Unlike online cards or printed thank you cards, you can design your own Video Thank you card using your own photos, videos online. We also provide music back ground tracks to make it more attractive.

Save a trip to buy Thank you Cards and Save a tree by using Video Thank you notes. Guests or recipients will receive and can access the Video Thank you note from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.