AIndia is a land of Culture and rituals. Here each and every ceremony is celebrated with pride. These ceremonies start with the birth of a child and go on. There are over 1 million ceremonies in a specific state. These ceremonies are celebrated as offering to the Gods for the long and prosperous life of the child. Each and every family invest a lot in these ceremonies and are considered special events of the whole family. One such ceremony which is famous is the whole of south India is the half saree funtion or the Langa voni ceremony.

half saree function

A Langa voni is a half saree function is usually work by girls who have reached their puberty or marriage. The dress comprises a skirt which is tied around the waist with a thin rope, a cloth of 2-2.5 metres in length. The voni is diagonally draped over the chilli completing the whole dress. Many modern style sarees that are worn over the whole continent has been inspired from the Langa voni.

In South India, the coming of age or rites of passage is celebrated when the girl child reached her puberty. There are two parts to the ceremony. The girl usually wears the half saree given by her maternal parents in the first half and then saree given by her paternal parents in the second half of the ceremony. The ceremony mainly marks her transition in her womanhood. In the modern-day half saree function is celebrated with her namkaran and her first rice feeding ceremony and the next saree is given after her coming of age ceremony.

Half saree function Invitation video

Each parent would want her child to be blessed by the family members and the elders. So every family organizes this ceremony in a huge way with a lot of activities and grand feasts.

How to plan a half saree function?

  1. The first thing that you need to sort out is your budget. And you must have a clear knowledge of your expenditures.
  2. You may book a resort for the ceremony but remember to book a resort that has e lawn and proper fire safety tools.
  3. You must decide over the food properly. Keep the food simple and less Spicy. Remember to have different items in veg and the non-veg section as you will have a lot of people from different parts of the city with different food habitats.
  4. You may keep the Invitation simple by writing out handwritten cards and sending it to the guests via speed posts. Or to make the ceremony attractive you may make video Invitations. Companies like collect pictures from you, compose a video with proper images and music and then send it to the guests via email, whatsapp or social channels.

Your guests will appreciate the video invitation idea. If you want to create the invitation, here are best half saree function video invitation templates for you.