Did you know that August 21st was Senior Citizens’ Day in the USA? It probably went unnoticed since it’s one of those unofficial holidays. Celebrating Seniors Citizens’ Day was the work of the late President Ronald Reagan. It was supposed to remind all of us to spend time with our elders.


We get caught up in our own lives that it’s easy to forget to call or check on our grandparents, elderly neighbors and family members.

You know that feeling you get when someone out of the blue pays you a compliments, tells you they care, or does something nice for you? Well, you should do that all the time, not just on Senior Citizen’s Day. Any random day will do. One fun way to do that is with video greetings. Record a video message catered specifically about that person. Tell him/her why they are special. Say thank you for being a good friend, or even wish them happy birthday.Then email it. You may have to tell them to check their email, but once they do, they’ll love seeing something so amazing made especially for them.

Video greetings are fun ways to tell someone, anyone really, that you care and value your relationship.