The 21st century known as Century of Technology, wherein your day to day life activities are moulded into comfort and ease through various techniques of technology. Really, Technology is a pretty amazing thing in the modern world. Todays Modern World is constantly changing at a fast pace with new discoveries, creations and technologies, one such change is the evolution of Digital Invitations. So, take advantage of these Digital Invitations for many different occasions like Birthday party, Engagement, Wedding, Baby shower, Naming Ceremony and many others.

Digital Image of a Birthday Party

Digital birthday invitations
Themed Birthday Party

Today, let’s speak about how Technology overtook INVITATIONS.

A digital invitation sent via, different means of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other messaging applications like Email, SMS and others. The digital invitation can be an image, a video, or a text message.  Digital invitation is the latest trending way of sending the Invitation. Because of its convenience, accepted and followed by many others. Inviter is the one such website helps in creating Digital Video Invitations in HD quality with your own photos and music in a few minutes

Sample Themed Digital Video Invitation:

Personalize this Digital Wedding Video Invitation

Why We Need To Go With Digital Invitation Maker Than Paper Invitations

Below are a six, why Digital Invitations are more comfortable than the other types of Invites.

  1. E-Invitation considered as convenient, safe and quick way to send Video Invitations. Stored electronically and, cannot be lost so easily. It can be retrieved as many times as needed. Whereas, with Paper Invitations chance of misplacing the Invitation or getting mutilated or completely lost.
  2. Digital Invitation Video, a cost-effective, budget-friendly and created electronically, but on another side Printed, Paper Invitation requires a lot of papers. printing charges, postal charges and delivery charges may be another overhead cost. So the Digital Invitation is a cheaper means of sending it to your guests via WhatsApp and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. RSVP feature gives a more flexible option to plan an event in an organized way.
  3. Eco-Friendly Invitations, stored sent electronically, doesn’t harm any environment. Paper Invitations tends to huge wastage of paper, which in turn, not environmental friendly.
  4. Digital Invitation reduces manpower. Unlike paper invitations are sent through a courier, one must need to go and post it, then the postman must deliver it to the person or the given address. There are no hassles in Digital invitation.
  5. Conveniently E-Invitations can be retrieved at any place and time on your mobile. Whereas paper Invitations are not convenient like Digital Invitations
  6. People retain what they view than what they read. Digital invitation created in such a way, they look very attractive and impressive and gets the person to view the video. whereas in paper Invitations, they may tend to forget what they read after some time.

How to create an online E-Invitation?

Steps to create WhatsApp Invitations:

Sign Up with Website:

Firstly, Sign up with Invitation video Maker website or App and select the category

Select a Template:

Secondly, Select the template of your choice and start creating an E-Invitation.

Add Images: Thirdly, Add the Images needed to create Video Invitations. Cropping options are available to edit the images.

Details: Fourthly, Enter the details of date, venue and time.

Preview: Another thing to preview the Invitation to check whether the details entered properly.

Download: Finally, download the HD quality Video Invitation and share it through What App, SMS, email and other social media channels.

Because of the flexible features of the Inviter Video Invitation Maker App, you can create E-Invitations on android mobile in a few minutes with your own photos and music. Certainly, I recommend going with Digital Invitations rather than Paper Invitations.

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