Planning a memorable Birthday Party for a teenager. The 16th Birthday is always one of the most special Birthday for a teenager. And that’s what rightly called as sweet sixteen. This special day deserves a special celebration and a special Birthday present.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 20-30 or a teenager when it comes to birthdays each one of us is equally excited irrespective of what our age is, isn’t it?

What Is the Best gift For The Party

Birthdays are often synonymous to treats and presents of course and how can you forget the Birthday bashes and Birthday Present?

Sweet 16th Birthday

Create Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation

So just in case, if you are wondering what an ideal present for a teenager who would be certainly celebrating his/her 16th, 17th or 18th birthday party. Well here is, some of the gifting ideas that help you to choose ideal gift for a teenager

Trendy Fashion Jewelry:

If the teenager celebrating Birthday Party is a girl, then trendy fashion jewellery would be the best Birthday present. There are plenty of less expensive fashion necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that can keep a teenage girl in style. If you are not sure about fashion, refer some teen magazines for updated fashion jewellery.

Makeup kits:

Every teenage girl has on her Birthday wishlist is makeup kits. Sparkling eye shadows, mascaras, lip glosses with cute little charms or pretty blushes, lipsticks, are some of the options for teen Birthday party presents.


Perfumes are the best options for gifting a teenager. Many different fragrance options are there in the market. choose the best one as per the birthday wishlist.

Gift a plant:

The trend suggests gifting something that grows along with the person and has deeper sentiments attached to it. While you can always gift something as fancy as an old bottle of wine but, gifting a plant carries a very deeper meaning. Believe us, your friend or whomever you are going to get this is going to love it.


Watches are the best teenager gifts both for a boy or girl. watches are really fashionable accessories rather than to see the time. Fashion watches with charms and chains and different bands are really wonderful presents for teenage girl

Gift a treat:

We always have seen people, who are celebrating their own Birthdays end up treating the group. Choose to go the other way around. You can take a birthday person out for a movie or a lunch and make his/her birthday a happier one.

Throw a surprise party:

Surprise parties are loved by all of us. Throw a surprise party and send video invites. Inviter is amazing website helps in creating Birthday Video Invitations in a few minutes with your own photos and music. You can even take funny pictures of the birthday person, make a video invitation on our website and download it. It is amazingly easy and free from hassle.


Ditching all the fun stuff, if the teenager is a book lover presenting his favorite book would be the ideal present. you may ask why a book becomes an ideal gift. Well, cultivating reading habit never goes in vain. You may pick the genre that suits the preferences of your birthday person but, makes a point to gift a book.

Musical instrument:

In case your Birthday person is interested in music then gift him an instrument. You can consider Casio or a guitar or even something as simple as a flute or mouth organ can do wonders.

How to create a Video Invitation?

Sign Up with Website: Sign up with Invitation video Maker website or App

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Add Images: Add the Images of your own and music of your interest

Details: Enter the details of date, venue and time.

Preview: Preview the Invitation, before making the payment

Download and Share: Make a payment and download the HD quality Video Invitation and share it through What App, SMS, email and other social media channels.

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