The number of smartphones in use in the third quarter of 2012 totaled 1.03 billion, a 47 percent increase from third quarter 2011. It has taken the smartphone industry 16 years to top the 1 billion mark. According to Bloomberg Industries , By 2015, the smart phone numbers will double to 2 billion and the smartphone market in 2011 was estimated to be worth $219 billion.

If we take the above estimates further, It looks like in 6 to 7 years from now most of the phones will be smart phones. Number of companies will start producing smart phones and cost will go down. What happens if every one starts using Smart Phones? Well, we all know how convenient it is. If this becomes a reality, how many gadgets we buy today will become antiquated?

I tried to list the main 10 Electronic devices some of us are using today which may be replaced with smart phones.


If you think of any other electronic device which may get affected, please let me know by adding it to the comments section. Please share it to your friends through social networks to collect the list of affected industries.

Inventions and Innovations are inevitable. It is very important for the governments, decision making bodies in different countries to plan well for the new upcoming trends in technology and the number of industries which are going to be bankrupt/ closed for lack of product demand. Unless we plan well in advance, it is very difficult to educate/ train the work force for the upcoming next generation demands.