Sixteen is an age of passing on from teenage to early adulthood. It’s not another reason and year to celebrate (well, maybe! But..), 16 indeed is a milestone age for a teenager. They say “a year older and a year wiser”. But this year is about more than just knowledge – a milestone year to celebrate, before walking into life’s big responsibilities. And as the name suggests organising a party the lives of to the standard of this milestone birthday is a pressurising task. From the theme, the fun party games, the decor, the food menu to giving out invitations and ensuring everybody in the party has a lot of fun.

16 birthday video invitation

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Let’s see how:

  1. Create an account with an online birthday video invitation website and choose the category of sweet 16 birthday video invitation.
  2. Fill in the details and the customer specifications that you require in the video.
  3. Upload your own images videos music that you want to include in the video invitation.
  4. Proceed to secure payment and once the payment is done wait for them to send you the first draft for approval.

Customize/personalize your sweet 16 birthday video invitation:

Sweet sixteen birthday video invitation
  • Add in your personal images/videos/music: you can upload your own images, videos and music by clicking on the ‘upload your image/ video/music’ option or you can choose from the wide range of images, music, and videos available on the 16th birthday theme.
  • Options of themes: you can choose from the variety of themes available, – a theme that fits your specifications and budget.
  • Mention the specific details of the party: Make sure you mention the details of the party like the venue, date, theme, dress code, etc to maintain clarity and avoid any confusion for your guests. Guests can mark the dates on the calendar and even wish you a happy birthday.
  • Individual guest names on the cover of the video invitations: The names of each guest on the cover of the video invitations are mentioned to show genuinity, as well as, to make sure all the guests in your guest list are covered. Updating the guest list using the RSVP option is also available.
  • Budget-friendly: the process is pretty economical and you have a wide range of choices that fits various budgets.
  • On-time delivery: the first draft is sent you way before the deadline you mentioned for you to recheck and edit anything if you want to. Once the scanning is done by you and you show the green signal, your video invitation reaches all your guests via WhatsApp Facebook email SMS Twitter on time.
  • 24/7 helpline: Customer services available 24/7 for any doubts that you may have and to maintain communication to avoid any confusion.