For some of us, this week brings back memories. Like many across the globe, Americans experienced what it feels like to be attacked for the first time at home. September 11, 2001 shocked every American.


Terrorism wasn’t something we were familiar with. Sure, we saw it on the news and watched clips on the news of others experiencing these acts of cruelty. But everything changed for us 12 years ago.

September 11th was a day that launched Americans into a fight to protect their country. Because of those acts of terror, wars were declared and lives were lost. It’s not a day we celebrate with happy memories. It’s a day that we mourn. The first year after the anniversary, 2002, the memory was rather fresh. As the second and third years passed, we still remembered. But it became easier and easier to go about our day. Sure, we should go on and prosper. But the effect and importance of 9-11 has faded for many.

We shouldn’t forget the first responders–the brave men and women who looked for survivors at the World Trade Centers. We shouldn’t forget the firemen and police officers who risked their lives in this crisis. We shouldn’t forget the volunteers and search and rescue teams. We shouldn’t forget the troops who served (and are still serving) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Remember them with video greetings. Create a video, thanking him/her for their service and sacrifice. A personal message with your voice and face is always better than just a plain card…or not sending one at all.