For any start-up one of the main challenges is, taking the idea into the reality, demo the product to the potential customers and running it by thought leaders. It is very important and vital for the founders to demo the prototype to the users, industry leaders and listening and changing when it is necessary. When we first thought of the idea of developing a platform which helps users to create Video Invitations and Video Greeting online in few minutes with event management capabilities, We started with our adviser Shashi Bellamkonda, Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Bozzuto Group, well known as “Social Media Swami” and an adjunct professor at George Town University. The very first advise from Shashi for us is to start attending Start-up communities and he personally took me to one of the Tech Cocktail events in DC.

Tech Cocktail helps the local tech communities and give entrepreneurs a place to get informed, get connected, and get inspired. In the very first event itself, I had a chance to meet Timothy Chi Founder and CEO of who explained the start-up entrepreneurs the challenges he went through and how he learned from users. It was a great learning experience for us and since then we are attending and staying connected to the start-up community. I personally like the after event “Cocktails” where we can share the pains and gains with fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders and friends.

After couple of months passed, Inwiter’s Beta website was ready . Jen Consalvo was kind enough to provide us a space/stall to Demo our services. It was such a great learning experience and it really helped us a lot to change our User Interface and now the users are quite happy and we can see that with the feedback we are receiving on our new look and feel.

I am honored to have such a young and talented team and we all strongly believe in Aristotle’s saying “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” On behalf of the Inwiter’s team, I would like to thank our adviser Shashi and the Tech Cocktail for providing such a great service to start-up community.