According to American Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. In year 2012, 57 million Easter Greeting cards were exchanged. The estimated sale equals to around 800 million. This is without considering the gas, postage and most importantly your time.


Do the paper Greeting Cards or online greeting cards which are designed by some one else for you, speak for your true emotions? We spend hours to look for the card we want in shops and online. At times, we will be disappointed because the cards won’t represent your true feelings and they are not real. helps you to create Custom Video Greeting cards online. All you need is, couple of your own photos and videos. It could be your own photo or a scanned image of a painting your son or daughter drew at school or a video of your own. You can upload the images, video file(s) you have. Add captions, quotations you like or message you want to send on images and videos. To make it more engaging, you can add some background music to the Greeting Card. You can make it lively by adding the back ground themes provided by Add your contacts, preview your Greeting Card and send it. You can share it through your favorite social networking sites as well. Guests will be able to view your greeting in any smart phone, PC, Mac or I-pad. Save a trip to the store and use the technology to speak for YOU.

The fibers that are most desirable for making greeting card paper make up only about 40% of a tree’s mass. Not sure how many trees were cut to produce 57 million Easter Greeting cards last year. Let’s start living green using Inwiter’s Custom Video Invitations and Greetings. Have fun and let’s make this Easter a Green Easter.