You love your parents– mom, dad, step parents. We celebrate those special bonds on their perspective holidays. But there are other special familial relationships we cherish. Grandparents’ Day is September 8th–this Sunday. It’s time to really think about and even start creating your Grandparents’ Day video greeting cards.

Unlike traditional greeting cards, you can wait until the day before or day of to create and send your grandparents that special hello. So you can do it today, tomorrow, or Sunday. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything. Using Inwiter is free.

Grandparents’ Day video greeting cards should be customized. You can do this several ways.

  1. You can upload a video–one from previous outings with your grandparents or with all the grandkids, or one that you made specifically for this Grandparents’ Day.
  2. You can create a video via Inwiter and attach a special message. Inwiter has a tool that enables you to create a video message on the spot. It’s great for something quick.
  3. You can upload up to 5 images and create your video greeting. Images can be of special moments shared throughout the year, of the grandkids, etc.

You can also add music and backgrounds your Grandparents’ Day video greeting. It just makes it really special. You can create separate greetings for each grandparent or send them the same one. Either way, it’s special.