Being that we’re only a couple of weeks in to 2015, it’s really important to not lose momentum. Most of us were pretty excited for a New Year and fresh start, not only for our personal lives, but also at work. One of the things the Inviter team and I resolve to do in 2015 is to be a resource for businesses. In order for us to grow, you need to grow. We’re doing that with our webinar series every month and by providing quality content you can use a reference. It’s not just about using Inviter or business greeting cards and video emails or newsletters. It’s about leveraging marketing strategy to get you more out of your time and effort.

corporate business greetings thank you

We’ve been working specifically on our Customer Engagement page. Boosting customer engagement is very important because that translates into leads and revenue. It’s the focus of our January webinar and what we’ve been working on this month to give a boost on how to actually engage your customers using video.  So far, we’ve provided you with tip on business greeting cards in general, promotional video greetings, and thank you videos. We’ll keep adding more, so make sure to check back often. But for now, use that as a resource to help you kick off 2015.