Thinking of some interesting ideas to celebrate your kid’s birthday? Usually, when kids are 4 to 5 years old we always arrange simple themes like a prince, unicorn, Disney land, etc. This time try something different and interesting. Arrange a car theme birthday party if you are planning it for above 6 years children. This is definitely going to excite your child and they will love this.

Car Theme Birthday Party Ideas

You have to go through so much of preparation when you decided to arrange a car theme birthday party. You may be stuck up while preparing for the party. Follow these car birthday party ideas to plan a perfect birthday party. kid’s gonna love this and parents too who came along with kids to join the party.

Car Birthday Party Ideas

1. Birthday Cake with Car and Race Track

If you say it’s a birthday party, kid’s first gonna look for the birthday cake. Then be creative even from choosing the birthday cake and make sure the cake matches the car theme. Customize the cake from the store with the car on it. Kids gonna love this.

car theme cake

2. Decorating the Wall Behind the Table.

How can we miss to decorate the wall behind the table while we make everything look pretty? Decorate with green, blue, and yellow balloons and stick a race car on track poster.

Birthday Decoration ideas
Birthday Decoros

3. Car theme Snacks

Don’t forget about the food. While everything perfectly matches with theme never miss the food. choose snacks that match the car theme like cookies, candy bar, and donuts. Serve cookies which are in green and yellow color and same applies to candies. Serve watermelon and mango juice as drinks.

Car theme snacks

4. Car Theme Birthday Table

Birthday table is one which attracts more at a birthday party. Decorate it more colorful. Use red table sheet on the table and place toys around the cake. place two old tires on the ends of the table to give a car image touch. Also, place some cookies and snacks on the table.

5. Creative Birthday Theme Entrance

Be creative with entrance too. Use the black cloth as carpet and paint white lines on the middle of the cloth to get a race track look. Add black silver balloons at the end and mini kids cars on the sides of the track.

6. Car Theme Dress for Kids

Dress up your kid with a red and black combination. Also, ask every guest to come in car theme dress code. This gonna make kids involved in the birthday party. It might be any party dress code brings the all-party feels and it actually looks fun and entertaining.

7. Car Theme Birthday Invitation Video

Be unique in inviting guests for your birthday. Create a car theme birthday invitation video with your child’s photos, event details, and music. You can create it online or from Inviter’s video invitation maker. It is simple and easy to create a car theme invitation with inviter and can download in HD quality. Share the birthday invitation video with guests via Whatsapp, email, SMS and other social media platforms. Check the below car theme birthday video invitation sample.

Car theme Birthday Invite

Start Creating a Car Theme Birthday Invitation

8. Arrange a Place for Photoshoot

Create some space for a photoshoot. Arrange a car showpiece with cardboard or a car toy where kids can click pictures and have fun.

Car theme birthday invites
Car theme photo booth

9. Plan Fun Games

A birthday party is incomplete without games. Games make kids to involve in the party and to mingle with other children. If you have enough space in the garden or lawn create a race track with flags and balloons. It is not necessary to be a car race game you can also arrange a running race in the track or cycle race whatever is convenient for you.

10. Return Gifts

Buy return gifts like kids can play with them or use them daily. Look for something like toy cars, car printed dory bags, black and white checks pencils, Car printed pen box, car printed mugs, etc..

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