Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy. This will be the happiest moment for every couple. Let your near and dear be part of your joy and celebrate this beautiful moment. Invite them to your baby shower and make it more fun and memorable. Create a unique and interesting baby shower invitation to invite guests.

Baby shower invitation ideas

You may be already in search of the best and trending baby shower theme ideas. There are a lot of things to do before you decide how to through a baby shower and invitations are one of them.

Invite guests in a way they could feel the warmth of your words and love. A heart touching invite is always special. choose a trendy and classy invitation to invite guests.

Here are the top 10 baby shower ideas to help you in choosing a suitable invitation for you.

1. Printed Baby Shower Invitation Card

It is quite common but you can make it look more interesting by choosing a suitable theme for a baby shower or the theme you have chosen for baby shower.

Write down the invitation wording you want to add to the baby shower invitation. The lines you write in the invitation makes much difference for the guest as the words represent your thoughts and voice.

baby shower invitation ideas
baby shower invites

2. Baby Shower Email Invitation

Email invitations are Eco-friendly and time-saving. Compose a good email invitation in your own words and send it to your guests. send each of them separately as adding all the guests into one email is not an ideal one.

3. Postcard

The old one is always the best. Write a postcard to your guests and post them to their address. This will occupy a special place and bring back all the old memories.

baby shower invitation ideas
post card 

4. Baby Shower Video Invitation

This is really amazing and fun. Your guests gonna love it like anything. Make a baby shower invitation video with your photos, details, and audio. Add your baby bump photos for making it look more beautiful. You can share it on Whatsapp and all messaging platforms.

video Invite

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5. Beautifully Composed SMS Invitation

Make your own words into a baby shower invitation. Whenever someone does a message to us we imagine their voice by reading it. Compose a really good baby shower invitation with beautiful wordings int it. It makes guests feel happy and make them respond.

6. Voice Note Baby Shower Invitation

Give your loved one the sound of true love. Record your voice inviting them and share them with your guests. Isn’t it sound beautiful?.

7. Make a DIY Craft Baby Shower Invitation

Still not decided on the design? then make your own style of invitation. Create a DIY invitation with craft papers and colors. make it colorful and interesting. Handmade things are always super special.

baby shower invitation ideas
Ideas of baby shower

8. Invite by Phone Call

This is the best and direct inviting. Making a phone call to guests for inviting is also make you talk more about the things and it also adds the personal touch. It is an ideal option when you are inviting a few people.

9. Broadcast Message

The broadcast message is suitable when you are inviting more than 10 or 20 people. It is the best way to invite when you have a big list of guests. Create a broadcast message and invite your loved ones to be part of your special day.

10. Hand Written Note

A handwritten note is always special and gives a really personal touch for the invitation. Write a note on your own on an invitation card. Always mention the guest’s name in your words it brings the feeling that you are really talking to them in real. Write it and post it to their address.

baby shower invitation ideas
Baby shower invitation ideas

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