Video Greetings for Work Anniversary

The day you hired your employees is an amazing day! It’s the day they became part of the work family. It’s the day both parties made a commitment to work together to benefit both sides. It’s a day that should be celebrated. Maybe you don’t celebrate with a big party, but definitely a video greeting.


You can make this as personalized and easy as you see fit. The easiest way to create video greetings is to create a template for bulk anniversary greeting cards. A slide show would be one option. Then have one slide where you mention the employee’s name and the number of years of service. You can make it special with music and transitions. Get as creative as you’d like.

You can also record personalized videos with the hiring manager actually wishing the employee a happy anniversary. Then upload the video, fill out the description, schedule, and you’re done! It’s that simple to send video greetings for anniversaries. It’s that simple to make every employee feel valued. Start today!