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Engagement is the pre-wedding event. This is the official announcement of the wedding, like when and where the wedding is going to happen and several other things are discussed. Generally, the Engagement customs differ from region to region and religion to religion. Usually, The Engagement Ceremony going to happen at Bride's house. In Hindu, tradition Engagement starts with "Vigneshwara" pooja in order to clear all the obstacles. Both the families sit together and decide an auspicious date for the wedding with the help of religious priest. Later the bride and the groom will exchange the rings. They take the blessings of elders.

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Christian Engagements take place at churches. The bride and groom exchange the rings with the blessings of elders. Muslim Engagements have an official promise and the bride's family presents gifts to the groom followed by ring Ceremony. In the same way, every religion has different customs and traditions. Customize your Engagement Video Invitations with Inviter. Upload photos, details & audio of your choice. Preview, pay and download HD Video Birthday Invitation Video. Share it via, email, SMS and other social media platforms.

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