Make your wedding unique right after starting from creating inventive invitations video templates

Most of the people get married only once and have only this chance to make their day special and unique and this is the time which people want to treasure forever, the most. That is the reason we have created, astonishing collection of wedding invitation video templates.

Inviter the invitation video templates

If you are designing your own wedding invitation video, it's in your hands to control how your wedding invitation video of few minutes will look like. Especially when you can create it on your own, you don't have to depend on others. It is just a cup of tea to add the texts, images and music of your own choice. You just have to learn the techniques which will not take even a single day. After you have finished editing the videos can be sent and shared via emails that provide all the information regarding time, for instance: date, time, venue, etc. through social media. Among some of the many wedding themed templates, here are some available on our website that you can easily use for creating your own wedding invitations.

Personify wedding invitation video templates of yours

In the invitation creators, there is an option titled 'shapes' where you can choose from solid or outline forms including rectangles, triangles and circles. You can also underline the text or quotes you mention on your slides and can make borders or create different kinds of boxes. By the side of shape, you will encounter another option entitled 'custom color palette' which will give you alternative choices and options to customize your own different shade of colors which you can save and use again. The framework of composition makes sure that whether they are texts or images, would always be symmetrical or straight according to your choice. You can also adjust the number of squares in the framework to help you align every aspect of your design correctly.

Creation of wedding invitation videos in few steps

    1.Choose the catchy wedding invitation template from around 2000 or more ready made video templates.
    2.There are also more than 10,000 already created videos, professionally. We can help you select from them too.
    3.You can upload photos, event details and the text according to your desire.
    4.Preview your newly created design, make necessary changes, if any, then pay and download in HD quality.
    5.Share them with your family.

Grounds to make a creative video invite for your wedding

    1.Wow your guests

    Make them astonished with your unique way of inviting them through video invitations. Wow factor is guaranteed.

    2.Be distinctive and native

    Be unique from the crowd and make your wedding totally different from others.

    3.Let your story of love to be shared through video

    People will show more interest in your wedding after watching the creative invitation video telling your love story.

    4.Go for creating and impacting commotion on social media

    Spread your video all over the social media and let people surprised by your creativity.

Android Apps In Store.

Inviter's Video Maker App for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Inviter's video maker app helps you to customize the wedding video invitations on your android mobile within in few minutes. Download Inviter's video maker app from google play store to sign up and start creating the 50th-anniversary wedding video invitation by uploading photos, details and audio on your own within no time. Share this beautiful 50th-anniversary wedding video invitation via Whatsapp, SMS, email and other social media platforms.