Video Email and Brand Consistency

Marketers talk a lot about brand recognition and how that is just as important as promoting an event or sale. We know it is easier to keep a loyal customer than to get a new one. Brand awareness and loyalty contribute to that retention. If you’re going to send video emails you need to make sure you are consistent with your branding. Inviter has several ways you can do that.


  1. Custom theme. You can choose an Inviter theme, but we recommend uploading a custom theme. Make it similar to your social headers and backgrounds. Those in turn should be reflective of the look and feel of your website. Same colors, font, etc.

  2. Include your logo.

  3. If you’re doing a slider video, make sure you use branded slides, nothing random. You can still be festive or current with current news and have branded slides.

  4. Your tone of voice in the description should be consistent with tone of voice in all your marketing collateral.

Video emails and branding together can make quite impact and assist you with customer retention, but also in attracting new customers who recognize you’re branding from shared video emails on social networks. Remember that Inviter video emails and greetings can be shared across multiple social media platforms. You want new customers to be able to recognize you.