Rehearsal Dinner Video Invitations

Ready to plan your wedding rehearsal dinner? Congratulations! You're more than halfway through the grueling planning stages and even closer to your big day. Choosing your wedding party is a big deal, and you want to be sure you're creating a fun experience for them as well as yourself. The rehearsal dinner is a part of that, and we think sending a video invitation will do just the trick. You'll need to tell everyone where and when. Using a video invitation to do that just adds to the magic that is your wedding day.


If they're in your wedding party, you probably spent time with them over the years and have a few pictures of lying around. Or, you may have had the foresight to have someone taking pictures of all your other wedding events and can use those for your rehearsal dinner invitations. Even if the pictures are on your phone, you can easily upload the photos you want to use to a video editing app, add an mp3 to play in the background, and zip your video to the Inviter dashboard to send to your wedding party.


  • iPhone Users: Use iMovie

  • Droid Users: Use Androvid or Kinemaster Pro

Added Bonus: Sending invitations through Inviter means you can also track who receives your invitation, which means no excuses for them to be late!