How to Invite Friends for Wedding?

Wedding is a once in a life time special event celebration for the couple who are going get married. Wedding Ceremony really requires a great gathering with your guests to bless and congratulate the happy couple who are getting married. Wedding ceremony event requires a colorful and dazzling Invitation for inviting guests and dear ones to the party. Send a traditional and formal Wedding Invitation for your family, guests and neighbors. Make it slightly different for your Friends by sending special Animated Online Wedding video Invitation. Create it Online with Inviter Wedding Invitation Maker with photos, event details and music. Share your Wedding Invitation for Friends through WhatsApp and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Online Wedding Invitation Templates for Friends

We have great collection of high-quality Wedding Invitation templates for friends. It is easy, convenient and economical to create wedding invitations in style with photos, event details and music with these designed templates. Create, preview download and share them via WhatsApp, email, Facebook and other social media platforms.

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How to make Online Wedding Invitation for Friends

You can personalize wedding Invitation for friends on your own. You can preview the Wedding video before final download. It takes just 30 mins to download your HD quality Wedding video invitation

    1. Signup with Inviter for creating WhatsApp Wedding Invitation for Friends

    Register with inviter by using your email or Facebook account and create Online Wedding Invitation for Friends.

    2.Choose the Wedding Invitation Design

    Choose the Wedding as the category and select the, Online Wedding Invitation Templates for Friends from our designed Template collection

    3.Upload photos, event details and audio

    Upload your photos, enter text details for Wedding Event and add music of your choice to Create Friend Wedding Invitations.

    4.Preview, Pay and download in HD

    Preview your Wedding Invitation Video Invite before you download final HD Wedding Video Invite. Make changes if necessary. Finally Make required payment for the Wedding Video Invite and download in HD quality.

Android Apps In Store.

Creative Wedding Invitation Video for Friends

Inviter’s Wedding video Invitation maker app made creating video invitations easier on your android. Use the video Invitation maker app to Create video invitations instantly using your mobile. Download the app from google play store to sign up and Create an Animated Wedding Invitation.