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India is famous for its traditions, culture and rituals. It is really happy and joy when a child is born in the family. It’s really joy for the parents and other family members seeing the baby grow. Usually, all the parents think of the well-being of a child. This Annaprasana ceremony is performed for the well-being of child health and happiness. Many rituals are performed when the baby is growing. One such ritual is Annaprasana Ceremony. Annaprasana word is a Sanskrit word which means “Rice or grain Initiation”. It’s a Rice feeding ceremony for the baby. This ceremony is initiated when the child is to start consuming solid food or rice.Usually, Annaprasana Ceremony is performed for the girl baby in the odd months, generally on 5th or 7th month. And for baby boy, this ritual is performed in even months, either 6th or 8th month. An auspicious day is decided to perform this Indian Hindu Traditional Annaprasana ritual ceremony. This is celebrated by inviting family members and all near and dear ones. This Ceremony is performed on an auspicious day. On this auspicious day, the baby is fed with sweet made with rice in a silver bowl. It is really a memorable and happy moment for the parents. There cannot be any celebration without guests. Invite all your guests for this rice feeding ceremony by sending Annaprasana video invitation with your photos, event details and music. You can also share this invite via WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

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Usually, this Rice Feeding Ceremony is performed at home or a temple or any banquet hall. If you planning for grand Annaprasan Celebration, Create a delightful Annaprasana Invitation video for your child’s ceremony. Conveying a message through video invite is a more effective way than the Invitation Cards. Looking for any special online video Invitations for inviting guests to the Annaprasana Ceremony. Inviter is the online platform for creating a WhatsApp Annaprasana Video Invite. Personalize Annaprasana Invitation Video with Inviter. Upload photos, details & audio of your choice.

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You can create and personalize Invitation for Rice Feeding Ceremony on your own. You can preview Annaprasan Video Invite before the final download of HD quality Annaprasan Invitation. It takes just 30 mins to create download your HD quality Happy Birthday Invitation video.

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