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The blend of the culture and modernity in the wedding and its enthusiastic preparations forced the video makers to be more artistic in capturing all the funny and emotional moments of the events. They have come up with more professionalism to encapsulate the jamboree in a very lavish way which makes the event to be promoted to the people who want some different ideas about their best day to be. Nowadays, Muslim wedding videos are one of the fountainheads in bringing up new ideas about the function in other religions too, because they like to share them not only with the relatives, but also to YouTube. Mostly, such videos get more views than a whole fiction film. Parts which seem more eye catching, become trend after spreading all over the social media including Facebook. People with other religions come to know about the Muslim traditions too and also love to apply them in their weddings. Sometimes there is a clip of brief 10 special minutes of the weddings with the absorptance of all the romantic, emotional and funny moments in it, giving the idea of how breath taking the Muslim weddings are.

Have a look to every precious moment you had better know about Muslim weddings in the videos:

Kerala muslim wedding videos


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Muslim wedding videos


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Muslim wedding video


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Marriage, to my mind, is sentimental moment not only for the grooms and brides, but also for the relatives and friends. At the same time, you feel ecstasy and gloomy about what is happening and the years spent with the family that won't come again as same as they were before. But what makes the family attend the event with full warmth, is the fortuity of the whole family to have fun, crack jokes, dance and have much quality time to spend than usual day.

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Here are some of those moments, have a look!

Muslim matrimony:nostalgia

    A. Happily, ever after

    All the sacraments of the weddings of every religion, can be different, but are equally important and special and someone can only understand it when he/she has experienced them. You can encounter the experience and have the tour of Muslim weddings through downloading and watching these videos and you will surely fall in love with it.

    B. A strum and drang of emotions

    At wedding, people feel free to express the feelings with fervor, for the newlyweds.

    Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon Him, said: "The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed." Everyone wants his/her wedding to be the best and the one that must will etch on people's minds. It can be done without spending a lot of money and wasting time. This is the beauty of Islam and can be seen in some of Muslim wedding videos as it's in the wedding of our celebrities, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar.

    Go through this one! For such weddings you should keep the menu simple, wear something "emotionally borrowed" and for inviting people consider videos that you can make on your own from downloading the apps from our website If you want to share your precious moments, here we are to make it in a beautiful video that you can share. Leave the comments below if any confusion or information you need

Importance of Calligraphy in Muslim wedding invitations

Calligraphy is the foremost important thing that is taken into account while designing invitations. No matter how modern the era becomes, the rituals and values stay same even when it comes to the writing formats. The invitation videos include beautiful calligraphy. The diversity of choice of motif is always huge that it never gets old.

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