Mundan Ceremony

The child's birth is a very important event in any Hindu family. Many rituals are performed in Hinduism for a baby. One such important ritual for the baby is Mundan. Mundan is known with different names in many other parts of India. In some traditions, mundan is performed for only a boy child, but in some families, it is performed for both boy and the girl child. Mundan is the ritual performed in the first or third year of the child's life.

The mundan ceremony is performed when the baby has his/her first haircut. It is followed in Hindu tradition that the baby's haircut is done for the first time and the hair is offered to the Gods as a sacrifice. The Mundan ceremony is performed on a specific date at an auspicious time. The day and time are decided by a temple head priest based on the birth time and date of the baby. Plan for a Mundan ceremony Video Invitation with the Inviter video maker for inviting guests.

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Mundan ceremony

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