Work-life is full of good and bad days but you love it anyway. You experience a rollercoaster of emotions when you retire. It’s finally time to say goodbye to that place, start a new journey and cherish the old age.

“The workplace won’t be the same without them, so let them know they are loved”

Why not throw a surprise retirement party and celebrate retirement rather than shedding tears on it? Good plan, right. Plan everything and invite the whole workforce for that day. However, while everyone is busy with work along with party preparations, invitations can be an additional burden. Online invitation makers can save you from the hassle.

Invitations For Retirement Party
Retirement Party

Choose Inviter- The best retirement invitations maker

If you are looking for a platform that lets you create a kickass retirement invitation video, then Inviter is the perfect partner for you.

Why Inviter to create a retirement invitation video?

Inviter is a one-stop solution for designing an invitation. Trust this app as you get the following options using it.

·  Unique template collection

We have an amazing range of retirement templates that you can choose for creating something exceptional, just like the person that is leaving the workplace. We have different templates for males and females so you can choose any and start designing.

·  Add photos

You can create a lively video by adding some fun photos with mates. Any memorable pictures with the boss, a group photo with the department. A picture of an outing or dinner that you guys enjoyed. In short, add anything that reminds of the good days at work as this video will be a nice memory for everyone especially the one who’s leaving work. So make it worth it.

·  Plan for a nice retirement invitation message

The wordings that you select is the main part of the invitation. So, make sure, they are welcoming, pleasing and free from negativity. A nice choice of the retirement invitation message adds a cool vibe to the video and gives the impression that you are whole-heartedly welcoming the guests.

Some examples are:

.The decent invitation

After 10 years of hard work and efforts,

Thomas Payne is bidding farewell to the post,

Join us for a retirement party honoring his services,

We want everyone to be there!

. A fun one

Limited time offer! Come and catch the seat.

Hitler of the office- (John) won’t be here from tomorrow.

Come and celebrate his retirement party.

Looking forward to seeing you!

·  Add the details

Add the venue, date, and timings of the event.

For example:


25th March 2020

From 7-10 pm

Leo’s garden (followed by address)

·  Share the theme

Plan a theme if the person has a fun-loving nature. He/she will feel appreciated and the guests will love it too.

Examples are:

-        Back to 70s

Where everyone dresses us like the 70s era.

-        Hollywood theme

All the guests must choose a Hollywood character and dress up the same

-  Add some music

A soft piece of music or a guitar tune would make a nice fit for the video. So, add it up to lighten up the farewell feeling a bit.

Retirement Invitation Video

Benefits of using Inviter for retirement invitation video

Inviter offers the following benefits to the users.

Save time

DIY invitations take time because you neat you cut them precisely, then the writing errors and decoration. It’s a lot of effort right? Use Inviter and design an online retirement video. Sharing a fuss-free, creative and timesaving idea for you, so, don’t think, take it!

. Save money

Every rupee/dollar matters! So, you need to think before spending each penny. So, invest in creative ideas, choose free templates at Inviter and design something special for your colleagues.

WhatsApp the Invitation Video

The best part is that you can download the invitation and send it over WhatsApp to your colleagues.

Instead of sending it to everyone separately, send it to the office groups on WhatsApp. Do not forget to leave a message with it.

However, for the seniors, send them the invitation personally so they feel respected and don’t miss the party.

Retirement marks the end to a tiring 9 to 5 life work like. So, plan a party for the retiree and tell them that they will be missed.  Enjoy the treats, take a toast, cherish the good stuff that the person did. Plan a speech and appreciate them for their services, hug them and wish them all the best to live the golden days of life.

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Our invitation viedos are designed with fantastic and elegant themes that give a
special invite message and pleasant song included. You can create an invitation video for the retirement occasion by using our video invitation maker app. It is easy to create video invitations with Inviter’s Video Maker App. Download the app from google play store and signup and start creating Retirement video invitation in just few minutes. Preview and download Retirement HD video to share with guests via Whatsapp and all other social media.