Hinduism is the very oldest religion in the world. Hindu wedding deals with many old customs and traditions. Many rituals and traditions are followed in Hindu wedding for several days. Due to a hectic life schedule in people’s life, these traditions are now performed before the day of marriage. Inviter has a wide variety of authentic traditional Hindu Wedding videos, helps in creating a special wedding invitation with music and photos in a few minutes.

A wedding is the traditional way of promise between the bride and the groom to spend lives together for their rest of life. The Hindu wedding takes place in a canopy called mandap, which is decorated with flowers. Most of the Hindu wedding includes ceremonies like Ganesha pooja, Shanti pooja, kanyadaanam, Hastmilaap, wedding ceremony (includes tying the knot and taking marriage vows in front of fire god) and druvanakshatradarshan. Different regions in India have their own custom variations in Hindu ceremonies. Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Malayali, Telugu Kashmiri and Bengali have their own unique customs in marriage.

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Indian Hindu Wedding

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